Multi Onyx Angled Marble Sink

Product Description
Onyx is a semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety. With an extremely fine crystal formation, onyx is prized for its translucence, alternating light and dark striations and interesting color combinations. This wonderful stone is often associated with friendship and celebrated as a harbinger of joy and tranquility. Because of its age and how it was formed, Onyx creates a bond between us and Mother Earth.

• Dimensions: Outside Diameter: 13”, Height: 6’
• Polished Finish Natural Marble Stone
• Constructed natural stone for durability and enduring strength
• Polished finish gives the smooth surface a shiny, glossy look
• Easy to wipe clean
• Seamless 1-piece design for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Above Counter Mount/ Drop in Mount

Please note colors and patterns will vary as they are a product of Mother Nature
$ 310.00 $ 369.99

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