Teak Marble Sink

Product Description
Teak marble which has a look like Teak wood; it is fossilized clay and iron oxide that swirl together to form warm and inviting earth tones of dark brown, orange, rust, and shades of red. A result of immense compression and extreme temperature over millions of years makes this one of our strongest stone materials.

• Dimensions: Outside Diameter: 16”, Height: 6’
• Polished Finish Natural Marble Stone
• Constructed natural stone for durability and enduring strength.
• Polished finish gives the smooth surface a shiny, glossy look
• Easy to wipe clean
• Seamless 1-piece design for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Above Counter Mount/ Drop in Mount
Please note colors and patterns will vary as they are a product of Mother Nature
$ 310.00 $ 469.99