Marble Bath Accessory - 8 piece Set

Product Description
MPI brings you this marble bath set collection, it's natural color and design has been a popular choice for decades. This richly veined marble is carved and polished to a high shine and makes a luxurious addition to any bathroom décor.

  • Liquid Soap Dispenser - 5.75" Height x 3.5" Diameter 
  • Amenity Tray - 6.75"L x 6.75"W x 1.75"H 
  • Soap Dish- 5"L x 5"W x 2"H 
  • Waste Basket- 9.5" Height x 8.5" Diameter 
  • Tissue Box Cover- 6"L x 6"W x 6"H 
  • Cotton Ball Jar- 4.75" Height x 4.75"Diameter 
  • Tumbler- 6.5" Height x 5.5" Diameter 
  • Tooth Brush Holder- 6" Height x 4.5" Diameter

Ships in molded Styrofoam

Please note colors and patterns will vary as they are a product of Mother Nature

$ 275.00 $ 349.99

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